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With many connecting flights; Doha, Qatar is definitely one stop you will want to make. A brief 8 hour rendezvous in the capital of Qatar on our way to Indonesia was all it took to wanting more of this beautiful city. ( Doha )- meaning “roundness” in Arabic speaks to the rounded bays surrounding the many coastlines. Upon arrival, you will experience a breath of warm air that draws you to bask in the rich culture of marine life. Take a small boat ride around the Corniche Promenade to the blissful marina of the Persian Gulf. In the city center you will find many rare and historical shops. Take a dip to the right in Souq Warif market for some local foods but first follow the sounds of birds chirping toward the famous exotic Sunset bird market of Qatar. Here you will find thousands of exotic birds worth up to 1M dollars, but nothing can take you away from a NY bird - they do exist in Qatar- awwhhh!!

Don’t stay on the standard path of tourism. Search for the beaten path (literally) in Doha since there are many areas to explore that have structural buildings hit by military forces, looks to be inhabitable but most of all have the best hidden gems. You will find a few good eats but nothing compares to the internationally known restaurant called KFC!! We found it and experienced some great chicken and spicy fries. Don’t feel pressured to speak the language.. we found many locals who spoke English.

On a full belly, expect nothing but tranquility as you walk along the water towards the Islamic Museum of Art. During the day, the majestic scenery makes for a wonderful place to visit, walk and listen to the water flowing down pathways to its final destinations, however this does not take away from the architecture and exhibits inside this museum. A definite must see!!

Make a few stops on your way back to the airport to meet the locals and also see a few of the skyscrapers. The Aspire tower, the Tornado tower and the Doha Tower are few skyscrapers that will break your neck looking up. Keep a steady posture and don’t fall back!

Every country has it’s international airports with its local culture and personality. Doha apparently has palm trees in its airports which calls to the nature of the city. All around the city you will see palm trees but wouldn’t think to find them in the airports. Yup, palms trees in Doha airport! But that’s not all - a splash of modernism and high-end stores such as Harrods can also be found in Doha airport. Enjoy walking around and taking in the fact that there is a mall in Doha airport.

Don’t regret making your way back to the plane.. keep in mind that you might make another connection in Doha Qatar to experience a great adventure in such a short amount of time so enjoy as much as you can. #packsetgo



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