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Medellin, Colombia - The Lifestyle Brothers
Medellin, Colombia, Pablo Escobar - The Lifestyle Brothers
Medellin, Colombia Culture - The Lifestyle Brothers

Welcome to the Medellín, with so many beautiful places to visit in Colombia, we were drawn to this city after watching Narcos and the life of Pablo Escobar. Without any hesitation we ventured into “el barrio”.  Like most of our trips we go into the streets to get a feel of the city.









The wonderful people of the Medellín, showed us you should not judge a book by its cover or even listen to google, which labels the Medellín one of the most dangerous places in the world. As you can tell we DID NOT find any danger, but what we did find was love, true love for one another, for the culture and true love for Pablo Escobar - whether good or bad his legacy lives on and his spirit is still felt each and everyday.


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