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Las Vegas Travel - The Lifestyle Blog
Las Vegas Travel - The Lifestyle Blog
Las Vegas Travel - The Lifestyle Blog

Welcome to Vegas, we know the first few things that comes to mind - casinos, shows, pool parties, and probably the strip. This time we didn’t do none of the above, we ventured off the normal beat and path and found a great dune buggy excursion in the desert, with no shade in sight lol. Las Vegas is a cool 110 degrees once you leave your air conditioned hotel, so make sure you stay hydrated. 

The 2nd part of our trip we went to the Grand Canyon. They have a lot of things to see and do, they even have an old western style town - Hualapai Ranch. (Free travel tip) One of the best parts of renting a car, you can create your own tour and on your own time ... it was a quick two hour drive to see the Grand Canyon. Make sure you stop at the Hoover Dam it’s literally on the way. If you like to look at a big wall holding water back then this is the spot to go ... some people do, Smalls enjoyed it, I would have rather waited in the car.



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