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Guatemala is a country with hidden gems. Besides its people being indigenous to the land, the experience of having a conversation in Spanish and English with them lets you know that they are open hearted and welcoming to outsiders.  Walking through the airport your immediately greeted by the natives to purchase handmade bags, shoes etc.  Guatemalaians pride themselves on leaving a legacy, they want you to buy from them since they are proud owners of their work.









As you exit the airport, you get hit with colorful buses and graffitied walls. You are engulfed in the spirit of Guatemala as you get drawn into its culture, it’s food and the beautiful mountain terrains driving by each Zone. 

As you travel through Zone 2/3/4, take each Zone as a different eye opening experience. Nothing like making a stop in Zone 3 though. As you enter, pay close attention to the changes in the neighborhood and the people. This area is populated with families in need, this area has been neglected. But you would never know this by the smiling faces on kids, the food being made by abuelas to share and the open door policy by the locals. Your immediately drawn into wanting to do more and wantIng to give that little kid $1 to get a sweet treat. It’s definitely a sight to see and an opportunity to give back!

It wouldn’t be an experience if you didn’t visit the volcanos of Guatemala. One of the major active volcanos is Volcan Pacaya. Volcan Pacaya can be seen by driving to the Volcanic site. Once you make it to the entrance, you will ride on horseback for approximately 30-40mins to the top of Volcan Pacaya. For approximately $10 you get a horse and a guide to take you up the volcanic hills. Once you reach the top, the experience is breath taking. On foot you will experience the heat coming from this active volcano. If you are lucky you might get to roast marshmallows on an open crater.

Take the time to also pay a visit to city of Antigua. Go early since the merchants and businesses close early. Antigua has a rich history of visitors from all parts of the world. Why? It’s unique structures and city center honors the oldest city structures in the world.


Guatemala Travel - The Lifestyle Brothers
Guatemala Travel - The Lifestyle Brothers
Guatemala Travel - The Lifestyle Brothers
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