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Take me back to the 1950’s welcome to Havana Cuba, where life is nice and easy , the town still has a nostalgic look and the antique cars are customary choice of all drivers. We may be in the 21st century but how cool is it to witness life in the mid 20th century in real time. Welcome to the old city !! 

When visiting Havana we suggest you take at least a week to soak in all the sights from the clear beaches to the cobble stones in the town and don’t forget to visit the forts // everyday at 8pm they shoot their canon into the river - it’s a sight to see , they really embrace the old colonial ways, it’s a great history lesson to learn and discover.

So many fun stories to tell but we rather you go and tell us about your adventures. #packsetgo

P.S We didn’t see a KFC in Havana :-((


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