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If you ever wanted to just explore a city for a weekend getaway; you should visit Kuala Lumpur. This city is simple and easy to navigate, I literally got off the plane and took an amazing scenic train ride to the city center ( approx 30mins ) then walked 2 blocks to my amazing hotel room with the world famous rooftop infinity pool ( Regalia suites ). There is a lot to see and do but you can pack it all in a 2 day adventure. 






One of the most iconic places I went while in Malaysia is the Petronas Towers & Batu caves. I literally did both places with one train ride in one day , talk about a great bang for your buck.. So cheap and easy to navigate, I might have spent a total of $30 dollars ( no tour guide needed ) 

so many fun stories to tell but we rather you go and tell us about your adventures. #packsetgo

P.S the KFC is very good in Malaysia 



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